Examining the Printed Text of the Ghanun-e Adab Dictionary Based on 10 Ancient Manuscripts

Document Type : علمی - پژوهشی


Faculty member, Department of Lexicography, Academy of Persian Language and Literature, Tehran, Iran


Ghanun-e Adab, written by Abulfazl Hubaish-e ben Ibrahim-e Teflisi‚ is the most detailed Arabic-to-Persian dictionary of the 6th century AH. Teflisi's works hold significant importance from various perspectives, especially to better understand the characteristics of the dialects spoken in western Iran. Among these works, Ghanun-e Adab is a valuable treasure of old Persian terms and combinations containing 60,000 Arabic entries. In 1350 SH, the Iran Culture Foundation published this dictionary In 3 volumes with the effort and correction of the late Golamreza Taher. Unfortunately, after death of the Professor Golamreza Taher‚ it was not possible to compile and print the alphabetical list of Arabic entries, the index of Persian words, and probably to revise and re-edit Ghanun-e Adab. In addition to the lack of necessary lists in the printed text, which has made it difficult to refer to it‚ incorrect readings, incomplete recording of some words (especially rare words), changing words and their pronunciation, changing the handwriting of the manuscripts, not recording the diacritical marks of some diacritic words, not recording several words and meanings of the dictionary manuscript can also be seen in this edition. The present research is the result of comparing the printed text of the Ghanun-e Adab with the corrector’s basis manuscript and nine other manuscripts and matching the differences with the available dictionaries. Some instances have been presented with explanations, evidences from other Teflisi works and classical verse and prose texts and the author's suggestions.